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The strategic investment into Northern Data through Tether group company Damoon may involve collaborations leveraging AI, P2P communications, and data storage solutions. 1 week ago
Majority Whip Tom Emmer’s (R-MN) CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act is now headed for a vote before the House. 1 week ago
"Every actor has the right to protect themselves and their rights," said Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor after the Indian court verdict. 1 week ago
Krist Novoselic says he's interested in using AI to finish new Nirvana songs from old scraps—after using the tech on concert recordings. 1 week ago
Bitcoin drops below the $27,000 mark with traders' bearish onslaught, but funding rates stay bullish. Meanwhile, RSI hints at a pivotal turn. 1 week ago
Possible capital flight from China is an important trend to watch, according to controversial BitMEX founder and crypto veteran Arthur Hayes. Google Finance data indicates the Chinese yuan (CNY) has… 1 week ago
What even is generative art? William Mapan, whose 250-piece Distance collection just sold out at 2ETH each, explains using a crayon and die. 1 week ago
JPEX staff forced to flee Token2049 after execs arrested, Mt Gox repayment delay stretches 10 years, Diners Club goes Web3 in Singapore. 1 week ago
Welcome to Bitcoin banking and the ecash revolution. 1 week ago
Binance spent $840k in gas to consolidate accounts in what some labeled an inefficient process